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Yamaha T7 Tenere 700 (XTZ690)

We have been hearing about the T7 for years. Now it’s here, how will it handle Australian riding conditions?  With help from Greg at Ride Adv. We have drawn come conclusions and setups for different applications. Feedback from a variety of riders has been used to determine suitability of the settings.

The stock bike is great outt of the box compared to any Japanese adventure bike before it. If you are over 85 kg or carry gear, a heavier rear spring is a simple move and well worth it. Valving changes in the fork and shock are aimed at faster riders and or riders looking for more comfort and weight carrying ability. 

Additionally, Andreani and TFX are producing shocks and fork cartridge kits for the T7. These can be purchased individually or as a package.

XTZ690 Tenere 700 - Stage 1

In Stock
Part No. 13-XTZ690-01

XTZ690 Tenere 700 - Stage 2

In Stock
Part No. 13-XTZ690-02

Yamaha T7 Tenere 700 (XTZ690) Forks

The T7 gets a KYB 43mm USD fork, very similar in construction to the XTZ1200, but with more travel. Stock springs are 0.57kg/mm. We have springs in 0.60 and 0.65kg/mm.

What's wrong with the stock fork? For those of you who love it stock, nothing. However, some riders feel the fork is a little harsh on small bumps yet bottoms too easily, and these are the areas we have been working on. We can say from test rider feedback that small bump compliance has improved 100% and the bike can now be jumped without the crash landing. It's better everywhere. We have been looking at options for using the last 30mm of unused fork travel, but we don't consider the bike is short on travel, its quality over quantity here.

We also have a DIY fork kit in the works. We will list it on this page when it's complete or you can send us an enquiry now and we will let you know as soon as they're available.

We are offering a Kashima coating on the upper fork tubes for low friction. Once we have a few sets of tubes in an exchange rotation there will be no waiting.

We also have complete cartridge inserts available from Andreani.

HiCalibre Fork Springs 38.6 x 420

From  $219.00
In Stock
Part No. 19-106

Yamaha T7 Tenere 700 (XTZ690) Shock

The stock shock is a 40mm KYB unit with a compact preload adjuster. It has compression and rebound adjustment. What's wrong with the stock shock? For a stock adventure bike shock, it's very good. The spring is on the light side for most Aussies and is ideally suited to 75-80kg with no gear. We are currently producing shock springs in 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, 9.5kg/mm. Most riders will use an 8.0 or 8.5.

We have run through several shock settings for the standard unit along with uprated springs for heavier riders/loads. The aim is to produce a comfortable compliant ride that can be ridden as hard as you would ride any adventure bike.

TFX 142 Piggyback Shock for Yamaha Tenere 700

From  $1,440.00
In Stock
Part No. 142-0762-00

HiCalibre Shock Spring 56 x 242

From  $219.00
In Stock
Part No. 20-039

TFX 140 Emulsion Shock for Yamaha Tenere 700

Yamaha XTZ690 Tenere 700 shock 2019-
From  $950.00
Part No. 140-0762-00